As a Lady, I Care About Emotions

I am a woman, which I think the title of this blog adequately highlights. As such, I suppose that I am required to write some touchy-feely posts about how everyone should be nice to each other and not do drugs and hug and stuff.

Therefore, I am very sad to hear that Josh Thole has been bullied off of twitter by “mean fans.” No one should ever say anything mean about anyone else, ever! Especially not about the Mets, or their young, inexperienced catcher who is making a good number of errors and failing to pick off runners at an alarming rate! Nor should any Reds fans say anything mean about the Cardinals, or their manager who has a gross and painful disease, and definitely no Cincinnati roofing company should offer a promotion on products with similar names to that disease! And certainly no fans should ever beat any other fans into a coma because he had the audacity to wear a rival team’s jersey to the game.

What baseball players and fans should do is all hold hands around the pitchers mound and sing “We are the World” and then everyone has to say something nice about the guy to their left, and then they all light a candle and agree that everyone is a winner!

No, honestly, I wouldn’t go quite that far. I like rivalries. I like when teams fight, and I like it a lot when MY team beats YOUR team. But there is, of course, a line. And the thugs that put Bryan Stow into a coma were certainly far over it. And selling “Tony LaRussa Shingles” is in poor taste, mainly because Shingles is a disgusting disease, and no one should have to think about it for a second longer than is really humanly necessary. And bullying Josh Thole off twitter? Well, that certainly isn’t as bad as potentially killing a man, but jeez, he’s just a kid! He’s my age! And married, which is a whole other thing! Josh Thole has just as much right to use social media as anybody else. And really, I don’t think he’s as bad as all that. The Mets have their hands full with other issues as well, so it’s just not fair to take it out on the poor guy.

And perhaps, most importantly, in all these cases, the stupidity has nothing to do with the actual playing of baseball. It’s fun when players or managers argue a play, or even physically fight over a call or a pitch, but it’s fun because it’s about baseball, its potentially furthering the game, hopefully in my team’s favor. Name-calling on the internet, disease-mocking, and parking lot assault make no contribution to the game of baseball, and just make those doing it look pathetic.

So, cut it out! Be nice! Let the professionals play the game, and fight their own battles on the field, and let them try to be regular human beings off it.


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