Very Important Mets Updates!

Welcome to today, everyone! Let’s check in with the extremely talented and good-looking New York Mets, see what they’re up to:

  1. Fred Wilpon has agreed to sell a minority ($200 million) stake in the team to a Mr. David Einhorn. Not as exciting as MLK III, but the man seems to have his head screwed on properly. Poker player, likes Michael J. Fox, name very similar to my boyfriend’s favorite kind of whole-grain pasta (einkorn). Sounds good so far, but we shall see.
  2. Closer Francisco Rodriguez has said, allegedly, that he would be willing to waive his option at the end of this year, so he could be traded. As it stands now, if K-Rod finishes 55 games (not necessarily saves) this season, he activates a one-year $17.5 million option. And the way Terry Collins has been deploying him thus far, he certainly is on track to reach that mark. But, waiving that option would free the Mets to continue to use him liberally, and then get rid of him when they’re done with him–as I understand things. It’s all a bit complicated.
  3. Ike Davis is still not back with the team, and I have yet to run into him on the streets; nor have I been able to find out exactly where he lives. Last season, at least he was in Long Island City, but, surprisingly, he has not reached out to me, although clearly we should be best friends.

I’m not even going to address Fred Wilpon’s recent comments about the team. Not worth my time.

There you have it! The Mets, ladies and gentlemen!


R. A. Dickey left the Mets day game against the Chicago Cubs in the 3rd inning with pain in his ankle! OH NO! R.A. is the greatest, and with Ike and David both out, I can’t bear to see him go! Is it perhaps time to face facts and just admit that The Mets are Cursed?


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