Vacation-Time Predictions

As I write this, I am sitting the middle seat of an Airbus A320, en route to Denver, Colorado, to spend a week in the mountains with my family. By the time this gets posted, however, I will have landed, because I do not ride fancy airlines that have wifi. 

None of my immediate family gives one whit about baseball, (though I do have an uncle who is a diehard Braves fan), and there will be no cable TV or internet in the mountain retreat, so my access to the sporting world will be limited to local Rockies broadcasts. I do suspect, though, that I will be shunned for attempting to keep up to date on scores and such. So. No baseball for me. 

So I thought I’d make some predictions about what will happen in baseball over the next seven days, post them here and then evaluate them upon my return. Let’s get cracking!

1. The Diamondbacks will drop in the NL West. I don’t think they can keep this up, and I suspect that they will start to fizzle out over the next couple of weeks. Not a sudden drop off, but the beginning of a steady decrease.

2. People will continue to debate the Cousins-Posey play, and the various comments made about it. I wish this too would fade out over the next week, but I doubt it will, sadly. Per my very first post, I don’t think this sort of accident should be up for public debate and derision.

3. Ike Davis, unable to play real baseball, will come over to my house and play MLB The Show ’11 with my boyfriend, and then mysteriously vanish by the time I get back. At least, I imagine, that is what I will be told.

4. Speaking of the Mets, they had better win a game for RA Dickey this week. He’s pitching today, and then presumably again later in the week, and although he’s got a losing record and a bit of a fat ERA, he has been pitching beautifully. He’s just stubborn and stays in an inning or so longer than he should, and then the Mets defence just implodes on him. He’s a talented, awesome, tricky pitcher, and he deserves a few good wins.

5. As for the Mariners, I predict that they will continue to play well, getting runs out of the bottom of their lineup, and superb performances from their starting rotation. I also predict that anaylsts will still be shocked, shocked every time they score a run, even though the Mariners have made it abundantly clear that they are not last year’s team. Figgins with continue to slump, Ichiro will not.

Other than that, all I can say is that some home runs will be hit, some games will be won, others will be lost, and someone will make a bad call at some point. Check back next week to see how I did, and for the Greatest Names in the National League!


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