Vacation-Time Predictions: The Results

Alright, I’m back. Colorado was great. Here’s a picture from the back porch of the cabin where we stayed:

And those are "little" mountains  Pretty sweet, eh? Yeah, I thought so. You could see mountain goats climbing around on the tops of those mountains, too. The altitude was 9500ft, and let me tell you, it makes a difference. I had been skeptical about all this “thin air” stuff at Coors Field, but there is seriously less air up there. So much so that I basically had an asthma attack anytime I tried to go above 10500ft. But, let’s get on with the predictions.

1. The Diamondbacks will fall in the NL West.

Result: True-ish.

The D-backs were 5-2 the week before I left, and 2-4 while I was gone. They are still only one game back in the West, with a series coming up this week against the Giants, which will be a big test of their staying power. They are still 5 games over .500, which was better than I was expecting, but I’m gonna say the losing record while I was out is a confirmation of my prediction of a slow decline.

2. The Cousins-Posey Debate will continue.

Result: False

Thank goodness. What with the draft, and then Joe Girardi being a big baby about David Ortiz’s bat flip, and then his players getting hit by pitches, the media has gotten over this one. And I am grateful.

3. Ike Davis will come to my house.

Result: True

At least that’s what my boyfriend said. He sent me a picture of them playing video games together.

Best Friends!

Don’t they look like they’re having fun? I’m pretty jealous, really. Maybe he’ll come hang out with me sometime, since it doesn’t look like he’ll be playing baseball anytime soon.

4. RA Dickey will get a win.

Result: True!

RA had a fantastic outing on Sunday, leading the Mets to a 6-4 victory over the Braves, which I’m sure you know all about already. But I’m still quite pleased, as I’m getting updated on things. The header photo on this blog is RA Dickey, pitching against the Rockies, which I took myself, thank you very much. He’s so great. Have you read this? Yes, he got a loss last night, back to old form, but all I asked was for a single win.

5. Mariners will play well.

Result: True

Hmm, well, the M’s were 3-4 while I was out, but they’re still 2nd in the AL West, and a game over .500. I suppose I just used very similar stats to declare the Diamondbacks “in decline,” but you see, I like the Mariners, so I will say that they are continuing to play well. Let’s see, I said they would pitch well,  the bottom of the lineup would deliver, and they would score more than expected. Unfortunately, they scored only one run in each of their losses. However, Ichiro seems to be doing better after taking a rare day off, hitting a stand-up triple and scoring the team’s only run last night, so that’s point for me. Figgins continues to be awful, which surprises no one. I’m just gonna cut my losses here, focus on the 33-32 average and say I was right.

Overall Score: 4/5

Results: I am a baseball psychic!

I’ve done incredibly well, I must say, only being wrong on the one thing I really wanted to be wrong about. I’ve still got some catching up to do, but I promise promise promise to get the NL version of my Greatest Names out this week.


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