Oh my goodness, look at those Mets! I am just beside myself with glee about their recent strategy of unrepentant offensive slaughter. 52 runs in the last 4 games. That’s an average of 13 runs a game, and if you take away their measly 8-run performance on Sunday, that’s averaging nearly 15 runs a game in 3 of the last 4! 

And, although they managed a whopping 20 hits last night without a single home run, they finally finally broke their grand slam streak on Tuesday, with Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran each hitting one! Jason Bay! Hit a Grand Slam! And Comerica Park is not a small place, either. I didn’t watch the game on Tuesday, because I was out on the town being fancy, but be assured, I intend to! 7 runs in the 4th, all with 2 outs? Yes, please.

Some sources have suggested that the sudden surge in Mets offense is a response to New York State legalizing gay marriage. As nice a senitment as that is (yay for gay marriage!), I will remind you that correlation is not causation, and that this is something the Mets lineup has been hinting at for a while now. They were just waiting to be pushed over the edge.

TWO games over .500! Let’s go Mets! I’m so happy right now.

Stupid sign
Screw you, this sign!


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