News and Requests

Hello, and have I got some things to tell you!

First of all, I have started a twitter account to be linked with this blog, for me to post short baseball thoughts, without having to develop them into full posts. Also so that the little twitter feed on the side doesn’t get clogged with non-baseball tweets like “I want some chinese food! #lol” So, as of RIGHT NOW you can start following @Lady_Baseball and receive up-to-the-minute live Lady Baseball Opinions (r) on your feed! You’re also welcome to continue following my personal account, @fiiidget, but remember what I said earlier about tweets regarding chinese food.

Secondly, do you remember when I went to the Mets-Cardinals game on my birthday and I got an Ike Davis Bobblehead? Well, I want to know if you went to that same game, too! (July 19, 2011, 7:10 PM) Did you get an Ike Davis Bobblehead? Do you know someone who did? Did you buy one on eBay afterwards and make a shrine to it in your linen closet? I’d love to know about it!

You can now email me at! Send me a photo of your Ike Davis Bobblehead, along with any personal information you’d like to divulge, and I will feature it on this here blog! Exciting!

That’s about all the big news that I have. I’ve got a few things I’m working on for future posts, including another epic math-baseball-breakdown, and my adventures in scorecards. What can I say, I like stats.

See you punks soon!


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