Bobby Valentine is the Right Guy

As you should have heard by now, Bobby V will be introduced as the new manager for the Red Sox this evening. His name came up late in the discussion, but it was pretty clear as soon as it did, that he was gonna be the guy. Analysts seem to agree that Valentine is the best option for the Sox, especially since Dale Sveum went and signed with the Cubs. There does seem to be a lot of concern that Bobby is too “mean” or “harsh” or “tough” for the Red Sox dugout, which was famously lax towards the end of this season.

But really, why is that a problem? It’s his job to manage the team, and if the players are so spoiled by the media and the fans that Bobby could get in trouble for laying down the law, then Boston really needs to reevaluate its priorities. They certainly have the pieces to be a great team. Boston, as a franchise and as a city, needs to ask itself: “are we trying to create a winning baseball team, or a zoo of talented media darlings?”

I think that hiring Valentine is absolutely the right move for Boston, and iron fist or no, Bobby is a charming man, and will handle the Boston media and potentially grouchy players with that particular brand of Bobby Valentine insanity that Major League Baseball has been missing since he left the Mets in 2002.

Let’s take a look at the two major events in the history of “Bobby Valentine is Crazy”:

  • We’ve all heard about Bobby Valentine and the fake moustache. As a matter of fact, it was one of the first ‘baseball stories’ I heard from my boyfriend when I was first getting into the game. This is the quintessential Bobby V story, highlighting the goofy, foolhardy side of his nature that makes him so fun to watch, and listen to. My commentary on the moustache incident is: Did he have a fake mustache waiting for him in the locker room, just in case he needed it sometime? I mean, look at this guy:

That is a nice fake mustache. That is a fake mustache that has been waiting around for its day in the sun. It’s not just some random shavings slapped together at the last second. And that is what makes it so great: Bobby Valentine had this disguise prepared, just waiting for a chance to try it out. Awesome.

  • Second, is the Wrap Incident. Basically, the story is that Bobby Valentine claims to have invented the wrap sandwich. In an interview with the Food Network, he claimed to be the first person to serve sandwich elements in a tortilla, at his restaurant in Connecticut.  Which is awesome and ridiculous, since, as my boyfriend so eloquently said, “I don’t know if anyone alive can stake a valid claim to that, given its similarities to the gyro and burrito. But that makes it even better.”

I don't care who invented it, it's still delicious

In conclusion, Bobby Valentine has managed winning teams, here and abroad. He knows what he wants from his players, and how to get that out of them. Which is what the Red Sox need right now. They are going to be a better team next year, if only because they will be eating healthy wraps instead of fried chicken in the dugout.



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2 responses to “Bobby Valentine is the Right Guy

  1. at least it won’t be boring!
    honestly, i mostly just care that we actually HAVE a manager and can actually start containing this september soxsplosion now.

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