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3 Parks in 7 Days/NE Ballpark Tour ’11

This past week has been an excellent one, in terms of me+baseball. For my birthday on the 19th, I saw a Mets-Cardinals game; also for my birthday I went to Boston over the weekend and saw a Red Sox-Mariners game, my first time at Fenway, and just last night, on a whim I went to see the Yankees-Mariners game! So that’s three different parks in less than a week, and 5 different teams! My team only won once (The Mets!), but I did get to see Terry Francona’s 1000th win, and the Mariner’s 14th and 16th consecutive losses! So a record-setting tour, for sure!

I also have begun to teach myself to score games, watching old games on, so that I can pause and rewind to double check my notations. But that is content for another post.  For this post, I think I shall review the 3 ballparks I have recently visited–the only three major league parks I’ve seen games in, in fact. (I did visit Shea–I gave tours of it, and I saw a Salem Avalanche game years and years ago).

Let’s start with the hometown team:

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