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In Case You Missed the Entire Postseason

I know that all of you have been depending on me for your baseball news. And I’ve let you down. I’m sorry. But here I am, back and better than ever, and ready to update everyone on how the 2011 season ended. Since, obviously, this blog is your only source of baseball news.

Here’s the basics:

The Cardinals won the World Series.


American League

  • East: Yankees
  • Central: Tigers
  • West: Rangers
  • Wild Card: Rays

National League:

  • East: Phillies
  • Central: Brewers
  • West: Diamondbacks
  • Wild Card: Cardinals

The Red Sox and the Braves both totally imploded to lose the wild cards in their respective leagues, and the Cardinals and the Rays kicked some serious butt to win it. Chris Carpenter pitched an insane complete game to beat the Phillies, which was about the only interesting thing the Cardinals did the entire playoffs. Well, I guess, I mean, Albert Pujols hit three home runs in a single game, and they beat the Rangers in seven to win it all. But really, it wasn’t that interesting.

Andrew and I went to go see game 2 of the Yankees-Tigers ALDS, which was pretty amazing. It was rainy as all get-out, and I was pretty sure the game wasn’t going to be played at all. Max Scherzer pitched an outstanding game, and the Tigers won 5-3. So that was wonderful. I also got a Yankees souvenir cup, but trust me, that doesn’t change my opinion about the Yankees one bit (I don’t like ’em). Max Scherzer is super cool, I know he blew it for the Tigers a few times over the course of the season, and obviously he’s no Justin Verlander (who won the Cy Young and the AL MVP, by the way), but he does have two different colored eyes. Which, if Josh Hamilton is to be trusted, enables him to pitch in both day and night games. It’s also kind of hypnotizing to look at.


The Tigers thankfully managed to hold it together and keep the Yankees out of the ALCS. But then they lost to the Rangers, who were, as was to be expected, a offensive powerhouse. The Brewers beat the Diamondbacks, who really had an outstanding season, and Kirk Gibson went on to win NL Manager of the Year. Then the Brewers demonstrated their terrible, terrible defensive skills in the series against the Cardinals, who, obviously they lost to. Ryan Braun did win MVP, though.

Oh! The Rays were amazing. I mean, they lost to the Rangers in the first round, but game 162 of the regular season was EPIC. And I don’t use that word lightly, like some people on the internet. I think this game is really getting overlooked, since you know, the Rays didn’t go on to win. But, in my opinion, it was the most exciting game of the year, regular- or postseason. The Red Sox lost earlier in the night, and the Rays had to beat the Yankees to clinch the wildcard. Stakes don’t get higher than that.

I won’t recap the entire game, because I know that secretly you probably actually watched this game, and were not just refreshing this page, waiting for me to tell you about it. But jeez. Talk about a comeback! Talk about clutch hitting! Talk about face of the franchise! That was the best! And I didn’t even watch it! (I know!) I had to work until gosh-darn midnight! I just followed updates on my phone, and texts from my boyfriend. And even then I was on the edge of my seat.

That game, even though it was technically in the regular season, is what I think this season should be remembered for. No offense to the Champion Cardinals, or any of the other talented, hardworking teams that labored through the playoffs. But Game 162 Yankees-Rays is what baseball is is all about.

Okay, so there’s the postseason. Since I am very baseball-starved these days, despite near-constant viewing of MLB Network, you can expect more posts from me, as I try to wrap my head around all the changes going on (Even leagues? More wildcards? Labor agreements? Wha?) and try to convince myself that the Mets could really win it all next year.


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